FirebirdWhile the Cavalcade of Customs began as a showcase for customized cars, it has grown to encompass a wide variety of automobiles. Check out today’s blog:


1937 Ford customSince the Cavalcade of Customs is held each year in the middle of January, in the dank Midwestern cold, inside a cavernous convention center, it is often difficult to get good pictures. Still, I try to fight through the limitations. Check out today’s blog:

Pontiac GTO

This TD Really Scores

MG TDThe first big hit out of Morris Garages was a sporty two seater called the TD. See more about this great car in today’s blog:


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MGABefore there was the iconic MGB, the car manufacturer that grew from Morris Garages was making a snappy little two-seater called the MGA. See more about it in today’s blog:


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MGBAt the recent British Car Day event, the organizers offered up two featured marques, both with good reason. The MGB was one of the best selling of all British sports cars and helped pry the United States market wide open for Brit manufacturers. To see a bit more about this iconic brand and to view a lot of pictures of MGBs from the show, check out today’s blog:


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More From British Car Day

Jaguar E TypeBefore I start my series of blogs about the two featured marques, I thought I’d post some more of the cars that showed up for folks to enjoy at the recent British Car Day show. Starting Monday, though, I will give you six entries, three relating to MG and three for Triumph. In the mean time, let me ease you into your weekend with some very cool cars. Enjoy today’s blog:

Rolls Royce

British Car Day

MorganWhen a British Car Club hosts an annual event you expect it to be filled with great cars from the UK. Despite some rain this year’s version fulfilled my wishes for a British car show. Check out today’s blog to see some of the cars that were put on display:


The Sports Car Lane

BricklinAt a recent show I attended they had a wide variety of sports cars on display from all over. There were classics from Detroit and gems from the British Isles, even some German speed for all to see. Here are a bunch of shots from that show that I hope you like. Enjoy today’s blog: 

Shelby Cobra

Morris Garages

1933 MG L1The 35th Ault Park Concours d’Elegance had a remarkable display of cars in celebration of Morris Garages, better known as MG. Beautiful examples of many of the top cars from this line’s history made for a wonderful history lesson on how this company went from selling cars to making them. Check out today’s blog:


Beautiful Cars on a Beautiful Spring Day

The Super BeeThis past Sunday was a wonderful day to take a walk in the park. It didn’t hurt that the park was filled with hundreds of beautiful classic and collectible automobiles. This was the 35th Annual Ault Park Concours d’Elegance, one of the oldest and most highly respected car events in the country. Today’s blog takes a look at some of the “Century of American Power” that was the feature of this year’s show. With a couple of extra fun things thrown in as well. Hope you enjoy today’s blog:

GTO Judge